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Summary is that Outlook for Windows often add “weird” lines at the bottom of some table cell and those lines are coloured like the body bgcolor, so you mainly see them if your main content background color is different from your body bgcolor. Of course this doesn’t happen on Outlook for Mac, because it doesn’t use Word for rendering.

I started thinking it was related to the use of “cellspacing”, but proved it is not only cellspacing. Anyone else fighting with this issue? It seems it is very frequent, but I didn’t find anyone complaining about this around People who are facing the tiny line issue please use zoom option is greyed out in outlook 2016 – none: technique and let us know if this works for you too Your fix worked for my hybrid fluid email without the Outlook specific style – thanks!

Thanks for sharing! Unfortunately it didn’t work for my email today. I believe this method fixed the same issues for me before, but not today. I found a few discussions about this very issue.

I believe the fix will depend on how you’ve built your email, but I was seeing the lines appearing under a few random images. The fix I used was to apply inline CSS – border-collapse: collapse – to the table containing the image and to increase the image pixel height by one. Feels like a hack, but it’s appearing to work for me.

Best of luck everyone. Outlook VersionBuild I’m not sure that the conditional code did anything except screw up some font styling because of the font-size:0px; line. Our templates have the border-collapse code in the head as is. Each “solution” works only for a specific email coding “style” so if you share the solution but not your template it will probably won’t work.

Unfortunately i cant share the creative since it is highly confidential. But, this is how we fixed the issue as of now. After trying some trial and error method somehow we fixed the issue.

What we did was 1. We wrapped the whole stacked tables into a single wrapper table with the width of the actual content table. Place all the stacked tables into separate rows. There might be something to this. This got rid of the line showing up but it got rid of one of my images as so it looks like in the litmus preview of android 4. So even if they zoom option is greyed out in outlook 2016 – none: zoom manually it might still be a different experience.

If yes, wouldn’t we need to put this fix everywhere? I tried it at a single section and it prevented the line from showing for most zooming settings, but it was just moved on some others.

I jut ran some tests from 11px to 18px and saw the mysterious line on 13px and 17px the rest were fine. If you want 13px you can maybe do why snap not working on like font-sizepx;mso-ansi-font-sizepx. And I’ve just seen adding or removing a line of text also fixed the issue, so looks like it’s down to the height. I’ve seen the issue with zoom option is greyed out in outlook 2016 – none: that uses odd px values.

By changing for example 25px to 26px the жмите сюда is gone. I haven’t been able to test outside of one email, but I finally got rid of a mystery line by applying some mso- specific styles onto the table:. Probably luck rather than a lasting solution but anyone coming here out of desperation may as well give it a try.

Just tested this technique successfully on another email also. Got rid of the lines by applying to all parent tables. For me, the issue described was caused by whitespace, which was being rendered as underlines in MS Outlook.

I thought I had this issue under control in my emails until our companys outlook had been updated to version With this update came a massive reoccurence of the 1px outlook problem, not only in my emails but in most of our benchmark mails, too.

/4864.txt like litmus hasn’t yet adapted vsince my email looks fine there. None of the solutions given in this thread worked, changing the table height even made it worse. I will keep trying to get around the problem and keep you posted. Has someone else experienced the problem with this version? Hi Janis – Just wondering if you’ve come across any solution as this has now become an issue at my company too.

Thanks in advance. As version is currently being rolled out in my company, the issue seems to have been fixed by MS – colleagues with don’t see the new white lines any longer. Ran into this issue for the first time just now on a template that we have been using for over 2 years. There were five instances of a button link with text and chevron image.

However, the issue only presented itself on the last button for some reason. I’ve seen this issue happen with lots of responsive templates I’ve worked on recently and haven’t had any success in finding a code-based solution.

This is just adding to the confusion for me! This issue is on going and as far as I know Microsoft doesn’t even have a fix because it happens very periodically and it may show up on one and not on the other I hate it because it just appears to be a glitch and everyone freaks out. If we could work out the trigger we could work against it. I have found the issue in other outlook versions not just Different for eveyone but this is a good solution if you can wrap all of your content blocks in it.

I stumbled upon a solution that may help. It worked for me when I added it to every table in the mailer. I know this post is old, but there’s a really simple fix. So just test and add where necessary. This line has been killing me, although Upload speed required for zoom meeting – none: managed to get it to stop appearing I’m unable to use the fix with my current design – boooooo!

I’ll try and explain this as best as I can, I have a stunted layout design which the content section consists of a wrapping table with 3 columns, the second column is only for spacing and is hidden on mobile. Now this section is repeated twice on the left and 3 times on the right – all the code is copy and pasted and then image links are changed so there’s no zoom option is greyed out in outlook 2016 – none: to the formatting.

The bottom section of both the left and right hand side have a line between the main part and bottom part of the image, only in Windows 10 mail. Kathiravan’s suggestion wouldn’t let me keep my stunted design so I didn’t try it until last As soon as I I took the bottom right hand column section and pasted it below the stacking wrapping table, it displays perfectly! Whilst the broken sections above it remained broken.

So it looks like wrapping table heights have a max height before things start to get messy, I assume it’s something to do with the page breaks in the word processor but who knows. Also, has anyone seen this joke of a reply and response from microsoft?

Totally ditched us If you have an account any upvotes would help bring it back to their attention :. It’s not about the “table height” as I’ve been able to reproduce see the 1px line even in very small emails. Is your issue visible only in “Windows 10 mail” or also in “Outlook “? What account are you checking with Windows 10 mail what domain?

What protocol are you using to download your email in win10? I’m just testing in litmus and the problem only ever appears on Windows 10 mail – outlook is always perfect. Taking the content out of the stacking wrapper was the only thing that rectified the issue for me – now no matter how many tests I do the issue won’t show up but if I pop it back inside the wrapper it breaks again. I’ve also tried this with other sections further up the email, swapping to make sure there were no coding differences etc.

Very strange! Have you got zoom option is greyed out in outlook 2016 – none: other ideas that we could try testing? Everything for me points to the wrapper height but if you’re re-creating the issue in postcard style emails then there must be something else at work here! If you look at the mosaico. You just need a single table with a bunch of rows. Weird you don’t see the issue in Outlook please make sure the test is on Outlook Windows and not Outlook for Mac because Outlook Mac uses WebKit for rendering узнать больше works fine.

Ah yes I see! Hmm, I generally stay away from multiple rows in my tables so that can’t be the issue for me. As for – litmus’s windows 10 mail tests using windows 7 so it is running on Word but there were no issues with my email prior in this client.

Now that I’ve checked the test Which includes the previous test with a repeated content section outside of the stacking table the issue has swapped places, so on the line only appears on the bottom content which is outside the stacking table whilst the inside sections are fine – it’s the opposite on Windows 10 Mail EDIT: Okay so you mentioned that it only appeared every x row right?

So I added an additional spacer table above the two broken image tables, so essentially there were two spacers above it and this caused the line to move zoom option is greyed out in outlook 2016 – none: the next section- which is totally white so it fixes the issue for my design.

So from what I’m gathering, the lines appear after every “X” row, but if you build with single row tables as I do you probably won’t come zoom option is greyed out in outlook 2016 – none: the issue as frequently as you did with multiple rows. So it’s not a fix but by adding an additional table above the broken elements, you can force the line to move further down your creative until you can hide it somewhere appropriate. Might be some bloat but at-least it’s working.

Interesting article Stefano – thanks for sharing. I’d also be interested to know what the fix is. This worked for me combined with the following in the head.



Zoom option is greyed out in outlook 2016 – none:. Outlook Integration or Salesforce Inbox app icons are grayed out in Outlook

If your computer is owned and managed by Oit but still shows this feature, contact your local IT support staff. Increase the security of an already-scheduled meeting by adding a password. Or does Zoom need to update their app? After trying some trial and error method somehow we fixed the issue.