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Any given process has a process identification number PID associated with it. A user can easily identify and track a process using its PID. Task Manager is a great way to learn how much resources jkdefragcmd.

Home Processes Library jkdefragcmd. What is jkdefragcmd exe? Any program that is executable has the. Find out if jkdefragcmd. Any process has four stages of the lifecycle including start, ready, running, waiting, terminated or exit.

Should You Remove jkdefragcmd exe? Fix jkdefragcmd. They slow down the whole system and also cause. This occurs because they modify the registry which is very important in the proper functioning of processes.

Incomplete installation Another common reason behind jkdefragcmd. It can happen because of errors during installation, lack of hard disk space, and crash during install. A running computer will create and delete temporary files like there is no tomorrow. If the harddisk were completely optimized then the only place for new temporary files would be behind all the other data. Which is rather slow.

Sorting the files on your disk can give you even more speed. There are several sorting strategies to choose from see the “-a” options. These are all very slow and intended for occasional use only. Windows reserves a percentage of the disk for the MFT Master File Table , but can place normal files there if the rest of the disk is full.

The files will remain there, even when there is enough space again. JkDefrag looks for files in the MFT reserved space and moves them to normal diskspace, making the reserved space available again for the MFT. When JkDefrag is running you will see lot’s of messages zipping by showing you exactly what is happening. The messages are also stored in the logfile “JkDefrag.

The logfile may also contain warning messages, for example when a file could not be moved. This is normal, no need to worry. Windows has many system files that cannot be moved while Windows is running. JkDefrag is completely automatic.

The commandline options are not needed for normal use. JkDefrag is ready to run, just click the “JkDefrag” program. Default behavior is to automatically process all the mounted, writable, fixed volumes on your computer. You can change this behavior with the following commandline options: For example:. The action to perform.

The items will not be defragmented and will not be moved. If the mask contains a space then it must be enclosed in double-quotes. Files that match a mask will be moved to the SpaceHogs area.

The program has a built-in list for all files bigger than 50 megabytes, files not accessed in the last month, archives, files in the recycle bin, service pack files, and some others. Disable this list by specifying the special mask “DisableDefaults”. Slow down to N percent Default is Set the size of the free spaces to N percent The free spaces are room on disk for temporary files. There are 2 free spaces, between the 3 zones directories, regular files, SpaceHogs. Select a debug level, controlling the messages that will be written to the logfile.

Specify a filename for the logfile. Default is “JkDefrag. Specify empty string “” two double-quotes to disable the logfile. The items to be defragmented and optimized, such as a file, directory, disk, mount point, or volume, including removable media such as floppies, USB disks, memory sticks, and other volumes that behave like a harddisk. If the item contains a space then it must be enclosed in double-quotes. Some examples: JkDefrag C: D:. I have set up a forum for JkDefrag, a place where you can ask questions, give feedback about features you would like, share your experiences, share code that uses the defragger library, and other things about JkDefrag.

Jump to JkDefrag forum What is “disk fragmentation”? Imagine a book split into several parts, some pages are over here, other pages in another room on another floor altogether. You will have to walk a lot when you need to read the book. It may sound silly, but this is exactly what happens to files on your harddisk. Defragmentation will put all the parts fragments back together, making your computer a lot faster.

What is “disk optimization”? Imagine a big library with lot’s of books, spread out all over the building and not sorted whatsoever. There is an index telling you exactly where every book is, but you will have to walk a lot when you need several books. This is exactly what happens on your harddisk, the files that belong to an application can be all over the place, anywhere on the harddisk.

Optimization will bring all the files together in one place, leaving the rest of the harddisk empty, and will sort the files, for example alphabetically. How safe is it? Most defragmenters are based on this API, including commercial defragmenters.

It does not touch the disk by itself, and is therefore extremely solid. If your disks use NTFS then you’re even safe when the computer crashes in the middle of defragmenting. Do I have to “checkdisk” before running JkDefrag? Feel free to do so, but it’s not necessary. JkDefrag is totally solid and cannot get confused by a corrupted disk. And even if it could then nothing bad can happen, because JkDefrag does not write to disk itself.

Everything is done through the Windows defragmentation API, and Windows is quite smart about handling corrupted disks. How do I specify an option, or select a single disk or folder or file? If you don’t know how to use the Windows commandline, then take a look at the GUI wrappers, see the “Contributed by other people” chapter.

Another way is to create a shortcut to “JkDefrag. Microsoft have fixed this in XP service pack 3. Also see: Bugfix Some kinds of external disks cannot be defragmented and optimized, especially network disks that use their own internal operating system and special dedicated filesystem. The drivers of these disks simply do not support it. This is not a JkDefrag bug. The Windows CreateFile system call refuses to open these files and I have not yet found a workaround.

There is no risk of losing data, the API simply refuses to move files. A user has reported that his computer freezes when Avira Antivir Professional starts while the JkDefrag screensaver is active. A user has sent me a message that HP advises against defragmentation of the special “recovery” partition on their computers.

My defragger uses the standard Microsoft defragmentation API, so I think it is safe to use, but I don’t know for sure. I have not found any additional information about this issue anywhere on the internet. The files will never be moved. If you know of any other software that needs a special exception then please let me know. JkDefrag was designed to be fully automatic and is extremely easy to use.

Most users can use the program as-is. If you need to change JkDefrag’s default behaviour then take a look at the GUI wrappers described below, they are easier to use than the commandline options. Includes the 32 and 64 bits versions, sources, licence. It creates a start menu shortcut for the program, project, logfile, and uninstall. French version JkDefrag and all the docs translated into French by Sparad0x.

Included are a Setup program and the sources, and a special version for U3 flash drives. Also available is a Setup program and a GUI wrapper. Italian version All the docs not the program itself translated into Italian by Danilo Angaroni.

Spanish version JkDefrag and all the docs translated into Spanish by Senpai. Also available is a GUI. Sources included. In English. Sources are included. Can handle multiple “jobs”. In English, although the homepage is in German. Easy to use, in English.


is a JkDefrag belonging to JkDefrag from J.C. Kessels The “.exe” file extension stands for Windows executable file. Any program that is executable has file extension. Find out if is a virus and sould be removed, how to fix error, if jkdefragcmd exe is CPU intensive and slowing down. The is an executable file on your computer’s hard drive. This file contains machine code. If you start the software JkDefrag on your PC, the commands contained in will be executed on your PC. For this purpose, the file is loaded into the main memory (RAM) and runs there as a JkDefrag process (also called a task).