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What is zoominfo used for

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What is ZoomInfo? ZoomInfo combines a comprehensive business database with technology to fuel a go-to-market strategy from start to finish, and provide an. The ZoomInfo ReachOut Chrome connector provides just-in-time company and executive intelligence from corporate websites and LinkedIn. Users can. ZoomInfo is a life saver for those sales/cold-calling individuals that have a hard time reaching their targets. It implements numbers/emails so you can have.


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In identifying that, you need a good understanding of what characteristics those accounts will have — before even trying to leverage technology to identify specific targets.

A small portion of target accounts should be super ideal fits, essentially those unicorn clients who are often difficult to nail down but have extremely high revenue potential. But, you also should focus a larger portion of your ABM efforts on bread and butter accounts that are similar to the bulk of your customer base with high levels of presence in your marketing and sales funnel and predictable amounts of revenue they can bring to your organization.

The first place you should look for target accounts is within your existing database. Even stale leads in your CRM are warmer than an outbound-sourced prospect.

ZoomInfo can enrich the contacts and companies in your database to help you identify and go after the high-fit leads you already have. ZoomInfo enables you to filter companies using criteria like:. ZoomInfo has features that can help you research companies as well. Scoops will pull together any new information that is publicly available about a company. For example, if there was a change in their executive leadership team or they got a new round of funding, the information would populate here.

ZoomInfo can clarify some of those unknowns for you. With its intent data, ZoomInfo can provide insights into timing, topics and challenges. In ZoomInfo, you can pre-select topics to monitor intent data around. You should pick things that correlate with trigger events or your solution. Then you can see what companies are searching for that topic within a given time frame. In addition to the topic being searched for, ZoomInfo also gives you three other metrics to better understand the intent data: audience strength, signal count and signal score.

This data gives you the opportunity to determine if your target accounts have been displaying interest in topics related to your solution.

Account-based marketing can result in bigger deals and better win rates by focusing only on high-fit leads and taking a tailored approach to converting them into customers.

To access Zoominfo training sessions specific for GitLab follow this link. To access additional Zoominfo on-demand training follow this link. ZoomInfo credits represent the consumption export of a professional or company profile from the ZoomInfo platform. This export can originate from the primary ZoomInfo platform, the ReachOut Chrome Extension, or any time an API call is made from any number of our integrations, including CRMs, marketing automation platforms, and sales automation tools.

All current field mappings are documented here. Example name: [ZI] Company Phone. All [ZI] fields are set to be able to overwrite the field should new data be available on a lead, contact, or account.

The only information mapped to standard fields are fields needed for basic lead, contact, or account creations. All of Salesforce current accounts in the database have been enriched with Zoominfo. Accounts are scheduled to be refreshed with Zoominfo data daily. Instant Enrich will enrich any new accounts that are created.

Leads are scheduled to be refreshed with Zoominfo data weekly, on Saturdays. Net new leads coming in our SFDC instance are enriched daily to make sure the sales teams have the most up to date information while working them.

The ZoomInfo Outreach integration is now live and you may export contacts directly to Outreach. Any contacts you do export, will also be exported in SFDC. They will be initially missing some ZI information in SFDC but there will be an append job that will run automatically to update any missing information.

Any prospects created without email address will be found and deleted in the Outreach database management we will run monthly. To avoid uploading contacts with no email addresses, please use the ZoomInfo filtering available. There is a Marketo integration utilizing ZoomInfo’s Enrich product. This is done on an automated basis utilizing a webhook. ZoomInfo fields will overwrite with the most up to date information.

Introduction to Zoominfo condensed version. A general overview covering core concepts, profile info, building a search, saving and subscribing, and tagging. Best Practices with Zoominfo condensed version. Using scoops and more advanced features.