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Goffman further denotes different spaces where our performances may shift: from public settings to smaller audiences, to private spaces where we can inhabit ourselves without any performance demands. The advent of social media, however, has added new layers to how we understand performance, audience, and public and private social spaces.

Thus, when the world shut down during the COVID pandemic, and all forms of social interactions shifted to digital spaces, the performative demands of working from home became all the more complex in the sharp merging of private and public spaces.

Privacy management was a near constant narrative as we began asking, who can be in our spaces? How much of our homes are we required to put on display to other classmates, co-workers, and even our friends?

In many ways, the hyper-dependence on Zoom interactions forced an entry into the spaces that we so often kept private, leaving our social performances permanently on display. Prior to COVID, the networks of everyday life had already produced rather porous boundaries between public and private life, but for the most part, individuals managed to maintain some sort of partition between domestic, intimate spaces, and their public performances of their professional and civic selves.

It was an exception in The Before Times, for example, for a college professor to be interrupted in the midst of his BBC News interview by his children wandering into the room; the suspended possibility of the private erupting in the midst of a public social space or vice versa haunts all of our network interactions, yet the exceptionality of these moments speaks to the degree to which we sustained an illusion of two distinct stages for performance in a pre-pandemic era. Now, what was once the exception has become the rule.

As millions of individuals found themselves Zooming from home while engaging co-workers, clients, patients, and students in professional interactions, the interpenetration of the public and private became a matter of daily fare. And yes, while early on in the pandemic several newsworthy or at least meme-worthy stories circulated widely on mass media and social media alike, serving as teleconferencing cautionary tales—usually involving sex, drugs, or bowel movements—moments of transgressive privacy very much became the norm: we found ourselves, in the midst of the workday, peering into backgrounds of bedrooms and kitchens, examining decorations and personal effects, and sharing in the comings and goings of pets and other family members entering and leaving the frame.

Others, however, seemed to embrace the blur itself, implicitly or explicitly accepting the everydayness of this new liminality between public and private life. And while we acknowledge the transgressive nature of the incursions of the domestic and the intimate into workplace activities, it is worth noting as well that this incursion likewise takes place in the opposite direction, as spaces once designated as private became de facto workplace settings, and fell under the purview of a whole range of workplace policies that dictated appropriate and inappropriate behaviour.

Not least of these intrusions are the literal and ideological apparatuses of surveillance that Zoom and other video conferencing platforms set into motion. In the original conception of the Panopticon, the observer could see the observed, but those being observed could not see their observers.

This was meant to instill a sense of constant surveillance, whether the observer was there or not. In Discipline and Punish , Foucault considered those observed through the Panopticon as objects to be observed, with no power to turn the gaze back towards the structures of power that infiltrated their existence with such invasive intent.

With Zoom, however, as much as private spaces have been infiltrated by work, school, and even family and friends, those leading classes or meetings may also feel a penetrative gaze by those who observe their professional performances, as many online participants have pushed back against these intrusions with cameras and audio turned off, leaving the performer with an audience of black screens and no indication of real observers behind them or not.

In these unstable digital spaces, we vacillate between observed and observer, with the lines between private and public, visible and invisible, utterly blurred. Yet we should not lose sight of the fact that the panoptic power of the platform itself is hardly optic and remains one degree removed from its users, at the level of data extraction, collection, and exchange.

In an already data-dependent era, more privacy and personal data has become available than ever before through online monitoring and the constant use of Zoom in work and social interactions. Such incursions of informatic biopower require further consideration within an emerging discussion of digital capital. There has also been the opportunity for these transformative, digital spaces to be used for an invited gaze into artistic and imaginative spaces.

The global pandemic hit many industries hard, but in particular, artists and performers, as well as their performance venues, saw a massive loss of space, audiences, and income. Many artists developed performance spaces through online video conferencing in order to maintain their practice and their connection to their audiences, while others developed new curriculums and worked to find accessible ways for community members to participate in online art programming.

Thus, though performers may still be faced with black squares as their audience, the invited gaze allows for artistic performances to continue, whether as digital shorts, live streamed music sets, or isolated cast members performing many roles with a reduced cast list. Though the issue of access to the technology and bandwidth needed to partake in these performances and programming is still front of mind, the presentation of artistic performances through Zoom has allowed in many other ways for a larger audience reach, from those who may not live near a performance centre, to others who may not be able to access physical spaces comfortably or safely.

The ideology of ongoing productivity and expanded, remote access baked into video conferencing platforms like Zoom is perhaps most apparent in the assumptions of access that accompanied the widespread use of these platforms, particularly in the context of public institutions such as schools.

But calls for greater access are, in effect, supporting this same ideological framework in which greater access presumably equates with greater equity. While Zoom became the default platform for a wide range of official and institutional practices, from corporate meetings to college class sessions, we have seen over the past year unanticipated engagements with the platform as well. Claire Parnell, Andrea Anne Trinidad, and Jodi McAlister explore another form of playful performance through their examination of the RomanceClass community in the Philippines, and how they adapted their biannual reading and performance events of their community-produced English-language romance fiction.

Zoom, then, became the vehicle to produce and share community-oriented kilig , a Filipino term for embodied, romantic affective response. We have opened and closed this issue with bookends of sorts, bringing to the fore a range of theoretical considerations alongside personal reflections. His focus is explicitly on the normative uses of the platform, not the many artistic and experimental misappropriations that the platform likewise offers. How can we use the discomfort of liminality to imagine global futures that have radically transformative possibilities?

Each of these pieces offers a thoughtful contribution to a burgeoning discussion on what Zooming means to us as academics, teachers, researchers, and community members. Though investigations into the social effects of digital spaces are not new, this moment in time requires careful and critical investigation through the lens of a global pandemic as it intersects with a world that has never been more digital in its presence and social interactions.

The articles in this volume bring us to a starting point, but there is much more to cover: issues of disability and accessibility, gender and physical representations, the political economy of digital accessibility, the transformation of learning styles and experiences through a year of online learning, and still more areas of investigation to come.

Broadband connection is up to times faster than dial up connection. You can download large data, movies, files and pictures within seconds and minutes. Today youngsters are drawn towards online gaming.

Modern high speed gaming is possible on broadband internet only. Broadband internet does not affect the phone line. You are connected through cable while using broadband therefore your phone is not preoccupied while using broadband internet. One of the best advantages of broadband is that it gives you high-speed internet along with cheap phone services via VoIP technology.

Today, due to many advantages of using broadband internet connection everyone is opting for it. Broadband internet can be kept connected continuously without attracting any additional charges. Having additional devices connected to broadband internet does not slow down internet speed.

However, when more devices are transferring data over the internet speed does slow down. This happens because the router can only transfer and manage a fixed amount of data per second and that data is shared with all users and devices. If you plan to connect more devices to your broadband connection here are a few tips you can follow to speed up your data and wifi connection. As your devices increase you wonder how to improve your internet speed? As your devices go up in number the first and foremost thing you should do is to check your internet speed.

There are a number of online portals that check your internet speed and show you the details of download speed, upload speed and ping rate. Once you are clear about the above, you can then think about how to improve your internet speed. The biggest reason for slow internet speed is an outdated modem.

Consider upgrading to the latest broadband modem which offers you maximum interne speed and network security as well. An easy way to boost your internet speed is to place the modem at a centralised location in your home.

Most people place their routers at one corner of the house and that leads to limited signal reach. In addition to the above you may also consider getting a Wifi broadband signal extender that can help you increase the speed of your broadband internet. Next thing you can do is scan for any potential viruses from your laptop that may be slow down your broadband connection and internet speed. Sometimes malware and viruses can limit the power of your resources and slow your broadband connection.

Checking for viruses will definitely help improve your broadband internet connection speed. Today, most of us have iPhones, iPads, laptop and at least one other form of electronic device around our broadband modems.

By removing any electromagnetic interference caused due to the above devices you can truly speed up your internet connection. Apart from the above if you still wonder how to boost your internet speed, simply plug in wireless wifi. A good broadband connection is a service that is being used by everyone be it young or old, for work, staying connected or binging. Therefore, the broadband connection needs to be the best with great broadband offers, high speed broadband connection and broadband packages.

Homes look for a broadband connection that can take care of web surfing, games, emails, downloading of data and online streaming for entertainment purposes. There are a number of high-speed broadband connection brands that have a multitude offers. Here, we have listed the top things to consider before choosing a broadband connection:. The first factor to consider before choosing your broadband connection is the location and the availability of the service.

Where you live matters the most and if the Internet service provider offers service there or not is a big question you should ask before choosing the brand.

Do your research and get a list of local service providers. The rate at which you download and upload data plays a huge role in the user experience. For streaming a movie on some of the most popular OTT platforms, you need speed between.

When it comes to upload speed, HD video calling requires 1. Although broadband connection speeds differ according to what and how you are using we recommend that you list out your use thoroughly before choosing your high-speed broadband connection. The cost of your broadband package plays a vital role.

There should be a good balance between speed and price. Many homes are using their broadband connection for working from home to things like shooting mails or simply surfing the web. Some homes have very high use of internet data with heavy upload and download of internet data. Therefore you need to clearly list out your exact use and then compare the high speed broadband plans and offers.

Reliability is also a very important aspect when it comes to choosing your high-speed broadband connection. Having unreliable broadband connection is stressful. You must make sure that your Internet service provider offers a connection that does not face a lot of interruptions and that the customer service is good. If at all the broadband connection faces any problems then it should be addressed quickly.

Hathway Broadband offers customized broadband offers and packages that add value to your life and Internet usage.

Check out our website for more information about broadband connection plans. The difference between Internet download speed and Internet upload speed is simple to understand. When you download, you receive data from the Internet to your system and when you upload, you transfer data from your system to the Internet. Speed is just the rate at which the data is transferred. Cable companies set the default settings as download speed being faster than upload speed.

People generally download more data than they upload and with the above setting users are able to enjoy good download speed. Some businesses may require good upload speed, there are not many people who require really fast upload speed.

In most cases when data is uploaded it goes from one system to a specific site. The cables, connections and modems that maintain this difference are all designed to be asymmetric. Your Internet upload speed and download speed will in most cases never match what your ISP advertises about the speed of your connection. It is but normal to get only eighty to ninety percent of the maximum that has been advertised. In such cases the servers are busy uploading and downloading data for multiple users at the same time and are not able to provide the best speed.

If you want to check the exact difference between your Internet upload speed and download speed you can try out a simple speed test. There are multiple online platforms to test your Internet broadband speed. This way you will be able to monitor the difference easily.

Especially when it comes to homes, people generally consume data rather than sharing it which means homes stream movies, watch online series, download big files or even play heavy online games that require downloading of data. If you are looking for symmetric data transfer where you get consistent download speed and good upload speed you can explore fiber internet options that offer the above advantage.

Today, data is the key and speed is a very important aspect when it comes to transferring data. Everything that we consume today online is data delivered from one computer to another through the medium of wired connections. Traditional or standard broadband ADSL connection uses copper phone lines to transfer data, while fiber uses a newer network of high-speed fiber optic cables.

Fiber is much better when it comes to delivering big data across greater distances. Fiber optic broadband deals were once very expensive as compared to slower traditional options however, with the growing demand, coverage and decrease in prices are making fiber the new standard. Here, we have listed some prominent differences between fiber optic connection and traditional broadband connection.

These days both cable and fiber optic broadband connections are available in speeds fast enough for anyone to do most of their work however, they can vary depending on your location, the kind of building you live in, the technology used in your local cabinet, wires used at your home and many others.

Fiber optic connection offers speed up to 10Gbps with symmetrical upload and download bandwidth. When it comes to reliability, fiber optic broadband connection is considered to be more dependable than traditional broadband connections.

Fiber optic connection offers a number of advantages when it comes to consistency and performance. Fiber gives the users a dedicated line while cable shares the connection with other users.

A dedicated line saves the user from delays in data processing and latency. Cable internet speeds tend to slow down during high-volume data transfer. There is a noticeable difference in the pricing between copper and fiber cables. In general fiber internet connection is going to cost more than traditional copper cable connection. The cost also depends on the brand and Internet provider you choose. These are some of the most significant advantages when you compare fiber optic broadband connection over a cable or DSL connection:.

A business that uses fiber will be more productive and give a higher output. Fiber offers increased reliability and less downtime along with more dependable access to cloud based services. Last but not the least with fiber optic connection you enjoy uninterrupted streaming and conferencing.

Hathway broadband offers end-to-end fiber optic connection for users. We recommend that you do read up more on fiber Internet before making a decision. When you use your high-speed broadband Internet and you experience that it is slow and does not offer what you have been promised, here are a few things to keep in mind to identify if you are actually getting what you are paying for.

The first thing you need to do is to test your current Internet speed. This way you will be able to tell if you are getting anything lower than you should be. You can check your broadband download speed by simply doing a speed test online, there are multiple platforms that are free and easy to use.

The biggest issue that may be keeping you from getting fast Internet download speed may be your old and outdated router.

There are numerous advantages of purchasing the latest model of your WIFI-router. Your Internet service provider may slow down your broadband download speed or throttle certain types of traffic, such as peer-to-peer traffic. Sometimes even when you have opted for unlimited usage the ISP may decide to slow down your broadband speed after you download a certain size of data. Updating to a faster internet browser offers many advantages for better broadband download speed.

You will be able to see a magnitude of a difference by just updating your browser to a faster and a more powerful one. Try out different browsers and see which one gives you the best results as compared to your old browser. This one is very important, you need to check that your computer or device is not infected. Viruses can also lead to slowing down your broadband download speed. Viruses can live on your device without you realizing and can suck away your resources. Update to the latest anti-virus programs to avoid losing data and speed and scan your system often.

WIFI interference can be caused by a variety of home appliances like baby monitors and microwave ovens. Depending on the positioning of your wireless router, your networked device and the appliance, you may even have the wireless network cut out when the microwave or the baby monitor is in use. A simple fix to this situation is to just place the household appliance in such a way that it is not between the router and the device.

You may experience slow broadband download speed in the peak hours of the day when many users are online. Mostly evenings are when people are online and you experience slower speeds at this time.

In simple words even though you have subscribed to an unlimited broadband plan and if your usage is high and crosses a certain limit as decided by the Internet service provider, the connection will be reduced to a lower limit, much lower as compared to what you are paying for. Fair Usage Policy has emerged so that service providers are able to manage many simultaneous users transferring data.

During the peak hours of the day your Internet service provider will manage the flow of data by prioritizing the network by using bandwidth caps. This results in your Internet connection becoming slow. Here, we list out some ways with which you may avoid experiencing slow Internet due to Fair Usage Policy. Choosing the right broadband plan is the most important thing you can do to avoid FUP limits. We recommend you to identify your broadband Internet use in a month and selecting a package that serves you well.

If you have to use your broadband connection to download large files or stream a couple of movies one after the other without any disruption, you must choose a time of the day other than the peak hours. Rush hours are when people tend to experience the FUP limit of their unlimited broadband plan.

Consider using the middle of the day or late night for all your heavy downloads as this might prove beneficial and you might experience a faster broadband speed as there will be less network traffic at these hours. One of the other way to bypass FUP limits is to use a bandwidth monitor. You can monitor your data usage and accordingly map your activities before you reach the FUP speed.

As you browse through the online space you are always being watched. This may not be malicious all the time however, it is definitely intrusive. Networks track browsing habits to acquire data for better targeting. A VPN home Network allows you to use your computer as if you were on a secondary network.

VPN for broadband connection curbs any eavesdropping or unwanted monitoring activity while you are online. VPN broadband connection is used by a number of businesses so that their employees can access local files and data even when they are far away.

Their laptops are connected to the corporate network via VPN technology therefore they all appear to be on a local and secure network. A good VPN home network allows you to browse and surf online anonymously by connecting your device to a secure private server and hiding your true IP address.

A VPN home network uses a process called tunneling which encapsulates and encrypts your data. VPN broadband connection hides and makes your data unreadable so that no one can access or discover it. Since there are only a few routers for home that offer VPN support you need to compare and choose very carefully to avail maximum advantage and security of the highest standards.

After you select your trustworthy VPN broadband connection provider for your home, you need to make sure of the following:. Your VPN technology for home streaming allows you to enable a kill switch which is a feature that helps you protect your home broadband connection through VPN technology. When you enable the kill switch, your VPN for broadband connection automatically cuts off the broadband connection if the VPN broadband connection is lost.

To get the latest bug fixes and robust protection against viruses and threats your VPN broadband connection should be up to date with the latest security protocols.

To make the most of your VPN broadband connection, go to encrypted sites only. Being a little cautious along with having a robust VPN technology for home streaming helps you protect your data successfully. We want you to have a safe and secure broadband experience, therefore apart from the above information, you can always count on our dedicated technical support professionals to help you with other information.

Do check out our broadband deals online. Tiny strands of plastic or glass not thicker than human hair, bound together, transmitting coded signals in pulses of light. Fiber-optics are as fascinating as they sound and they can probably give you the fastest broadband speed in the world. Fiber optics use binary signals. Binary number system consists of zero and one where zero being off and one being on, creates a world of complex symbols and instructions to make fiber broadband speed the fastest.

Broadband speed depends on how much data the setup can handle. Fiber broadband connection uses modulated light which has much higher bandwidth capacity. When we talk about fiber broadband speed every second matters because fiber broadband connections work at speeds up to one gigabyte per second.

Copper cable links are limited to feet or less however, fiber-optic cables can run up to almost 25 miles before they lose any signal strength.

Fiber-optic increases WIFI speed and also makes the whole system very robust. FTTC: Fiber to the cabinet is a connectivity technology that is based on a combination of fiber optic cable and copper cable. The fiber optic cable is in place from the local telephone exchange to a distribution point, hence the name fiber to the cabinet. From this distribution point a standard telephone line based on copper is then used to deliver the fiber broadband connection.

FTTH: Fiber to home technology is by far the best for fiber optic broadband speed and fiber broadband connection. The above two technologies have a slightly different WIFI router for the fiber optic connection :FTTC connection happens exactly as on ADSL modems which means connecting a copper pair to the telephone socket of the house.

This increases fiber broadband speed. There are various brands making the best WIFI routers for fiber optic broadband connection. Fiber broadband lines are very small in size but are much harder than copper. Fiber broadband connection line can withstand up to to pounds of pressure as compared to copper that can only take 25 pounds. For those who are looking at data efficiency and reliability while downloading and uploading at super high-speeds, fiber is the way forward.

With fiber broadband connection you can improve WIFI connection speed. Amidst this, the constant war between copper and fiber broadband continues to be in the spotlight.

However, the benefits of fiber network are more powerful. Fiber optic cable is considered more advanced. Fiber broadband uses tiny threads of glass to transmit information as light. Cable broadband uses copper lines to transmit data in the form of electricity. Copper cables have been in the market for decades. Fiber is considered to be the fastest broadband connection. Fiber broadband was earlier not very easily available but now with the advent of corporate revolution and more companies demanding powerful and high-speed fiber broadband technology, fast fiber broadband connection is now available in most markets.

However, to bring fiber to your selected location you might need to pay extra. Copper cable networks are more readily available and most businesses and home locations have pre-installed cables in the building and societies. One of the most prominent benefits of fiber network is that it offers amazing speed. Up to Mbps symmetrical download and upload bandwidth is definitely a feature that differentiates fiber broadband.

Cable broadband is slower however; it serves well for the small and medium-sized businesses. Standard cable download and upload speeds may vary from 1 Mbps up to 50 Mbps. When it comes to reliability, fiber connection is considered to be more dependable. There are many advantages of fiber broadband technology and it promises consistency and performance. Fiber broadband connection has a dedicated line whereas copper lines are often shared.

A dedicated line safeguards you against latency and helps you get a consistent home broadband speed. So, before making a decision on settling for a particular technology, do consider your usage and requirement. Fiber broadband technology is definitely faster and better however, it is flat out high-priced and you will need to check the service availability in your location. As compared to fiber, copper broadband connections are affordable and available. Consider all the above before you decide to invest.

You can always call up our customer care number to enquire about more details about home broadband speed, technology and availability. Broadband connection and speed is a very important element when it comes to streaming movies, TV shows and playing online games. Today, almostall broadband providers are providing high broadband speed for streaming. However, there are a few things you must consider before you invest in your next broadband streaming plan. Today, content qualities on various OTT platforms are quite high.

To enjoy the full depth and scale of content available online you must know the basics of what broadband speed for streamingis required. The speed requirement will further increase if you want to enjoy 3D content, high definition and 4K streaming. If you are going to watch lots of online media, then you might need a plan with higher data caps. We suggest you choose one of the high-speed broadband service providers who offerat least GB data per month. You can also start with an affordable plan and scale upyour broadband speed for streamingas per your usage.

There are multiple free online platforms and websites available for free on which you can check the speed of your home broadband connection. Mega bits of data per second or Mbps is the more familiar acronym that almost every user knows.

Data travels in two directions; you can download and upload information to and from your computer. Every computer has a different broadband download speed and broadband upload speed.

Usually download speed is much faster than the upload speed. But this also depends on your connection and the high-speed broadband service provider you choose. If at all you are facing a slow broadband connection, then there are a lot of ways in which you can fix this situation.

First thing to do is to check your broadband connection cables any lose end can lead to a drop in your broadband speed for streaming. Next thing is to check if there is any interference from any household product like the microwave etc.

If your broadband connection drops frequently and you are experiencing issues with your home broadband connection it could be due to multiple reasons. Here we have listed a few solutions on how to fix alost broadband connection. First and foremost, if you have multiple devices connected to the same broadband connection you can check the connection of different devices.

In many cases it could be a device or a hardware issue rather than a connection problem. Test your broadband connection on your devices separately. If all devices on the network have the same problem then this indicates an issue with the cable, router, DSL modem or the ISP. If the cable modem is having trouble maintaining a steady connection and you are facing frequent disconnection of broadband connection, power cycling might resolve the issue as it might be overheating.

The first thing to do to fix a lost broadband connection is to turn off the cable modem. The modem can be disconnected by removing the power cord from the back. Keep your modem unplugged for at least 60 seconds before putting the power cable back and turning it on.

A cable modem requires a little time to run self-checks and reconnect. Check if you were able to fix broadband connection problems doing the above. Your ISP is a good resource to check if your computer is experiencing frequent disconnection of broadband.

The technical and support team can run system checks and line checks to determine if there are any issues between your computer and the broadband connection that might be causing frequent disconnection of broadband. You should also ask for suggestions on how tofix broadband connection problems. A virus or malware infection could cause frequent disconnection of broadband.

If the infection is severe enough then you will experience broadband connection drops frequently. You need to remove the virus or spyware from the computer to fix broadband connection problems. Check if your virus protection is up to date so that you experience a stable and secure broadband connection.

After multiple attempts at trying to fix your lost broadband connection, if you still face the same problem then you might want to look at getting a new modem or upgrading it to the latest version.

Modems have in-built security cards which not only provide you with home broadband security however; it also upgrades your broadband speed to a considerable degree.

Updated modems can easily fix broadband connection problems. So, if you opt for any of our plans you can rest assured that we will be there for any technical support. Check out our website for customized plans for your city. The world of Mbps or Megabits per second can be a tad confusing for those of us who just want something fast that lets us watch without interruption and download without a long wait.

Here are a few things to keep in mind while choosing the perfect broadband service to fulfill your sitcom watching dreams. While OTT services like Netflix, Amazon, and others recommend that your internet speed for streaming needs to be at 5 Mbps to watch high-definition shows and movies that does not take into account the number of users using the connection or the quality you want to watch your videos in.

Not sure if your connection is up to speed? There are several websites and applications like speedtest. Do keep in mind certain factors that could hamper speed , no matter your choice of connection. The location from where you are streaming for one, certain geographical areas fall under the low end of the connectivity spectrum and may not be able to provide the optimum connection speed you are looking for.

Another factor is the distance of your WiFi Router from the device , the farther you go, the signal strength varies. Also, if your household has a separate 4K video streaming in every room, things may slow down no matter how fast a connection you have to your Internet Service Provider.

The next point of debate when it comes to a broadband connection is to go for wired or wireless. Broadband speed for HD streaming is always better with a wired broadband connection as compared to wireless broadband Mobile internet or WIFIdongles.

If possible, configure your system to stream HD videos over a cabled broadband connection for maximum transfer rate and uninterrupted entertainment. Is your home broadband connection ready for the new normal? Why GPON broadband technology is the next big thing. Thanks to high-speed broadband, professionals and kids from all over the world can connect and compete with each other online.

A fast broadband connection and a high broadband speed are the game-changers that are required today to make the most of your gaming experience. Network latency is how long it takes for data to travel between its source and destination. A low latency number means the network is running well and your connection to another computer is fast. Higher latency means there is a lag somewhere in that link. Ping rate is measured in milliseconds ms and a high-speed broadband connection should ideally give you a ping rate of below 50 ms.

There are many websites online where you may check your current ping rate. As you may have guessed, low latency or lag is imperative for a seamless gaming experience. The faster the broadband speed for online gaming, the lower the risk of lags. Faster broadband upload speed and download speed widens your broadband bandwidth needed for gaming.

The Broadband speed required for gaming varies from different consoles to different games and some consoles like Xbox One clearly indicate the speed and ping rate required. But, on average, the majority of online gaming sessions require a broadband connection with an upload speed of at least 1 Mbps and download speed of nothing less than 3 Mbps for single players.

If multiple players are using the same broadband connection, multiply the speed by the number of users, who are playing at the same time. Activities like streaming videos and downloading files are particularly big as they require a lot of data – a lot more than gaming, in fact.

For online gaming, fixed-line broadband generally works better than a wireless connection. Wireless connections are susceptible to disruptions in gameplay. Downloading, streaming and games takes up an enormous amount of data, so it is best to opt for an unlimited data plan. As millions set up their home offices and working from home becomes the new corporate culture, internet connections are being put to the ultimate test.

To make sure things run smoothly while working from home, here are a few things you can do to make the most out of your home broadband plan. An easy way to check your home broadband speedis by running a speed test online. This will help you decide if you need to take steps to save the bandwidth of your home broadband connection or change your plan altogether.

Program updates, security scans, media player pop-ups, media-rich web pages and chat notifications could all be affecting your home broadband speed by using up the bandwidth unnecessarily. This will free up your home broadband connection and make things faster. Firstly, make sure your home broadband router is plugged into your master socket and not an extension this should be the largest socket in your house. The best place for your home broadband router is in the middle of your home and unobstructed by walls or furniture as much as possible.

Avoid placing it on the ground. Electrical devices can also disrupt your Wi-Fi connection for home, so keep it away from cordless phones and microwaves. Finally, check that it is set up properly, with all the wires connected securely and a micro-filter connected if you need one. Over the last fifteen years, broadband has become one of the main technology components of our daily lives. The broadband connection speed at our homes needs to be at least at a certain level in order to keep us in sync with the world, entertainment, and other important things so it is imperative you get the quality and speed you require without the disruptions.

The actual connection, the placement, the devices that you connect to all play an important role in optimizing your broadband connection speed. An easy way to check your home broadband speed is by running a speed test online.

Anyone who wants to test their internet bandwidth speed can find access to multiple free online platforms that will do it quickly and simply like Speedtest. Broadband connection speed is typically measured in megabits per second or Mbps. When checking internet bandwidth speed at your home, there are two measurements to look at download Mbps speed and upload Mbps speed. Download speed checks how fast you can get something from a separate server onto your device, and upload speed measures how fast you can send something to a server.

Check whether you’re using the latest version of your web browser – newer versions not only provide better security but should also work faster.

If you don’t keep your wireless router secure with a unique password, anyone nearby could latch on to your broadband. Not only could this slow down your internet speeds but your online security could also be at risk.

For further information on anything technical you can always connect with our customer service and they will be happy to put you through our dedicated team of technicians. Passive optical networks PON technology was available in the middle of 90s.

Since then, it has constantly been evolving and various standards have been established and matured. Gigabit passive optical network, or GPON, is the next evolution in structured cabling technology. With the concept of work-from-home and the subsequent increased demand for reliable and high-speed internet, many of us are searching for a solution. Optical Fiber consist of long strands of pure glass, around the diameter of human hair which transmit information..

The thin glass strands use bending light flashes, technically known as total internal reflection, to set up a relay system that results in an incredibly efficient communication system ensuring that there is negligible interference, minimal breakage, and the transmission is faster, reliable, and less error prone thereby delivering high-speed internet.

Traditionally, DSL, and other broadband services were intended for voice communication only and are therefore hampered by the vast amounts of data we transmit today. Fiber Optics allows for faster downloads and faster access to various larger file sizes. In fact, a fiber internet connection functions times faster than a regular broadband internet connection, downloading at 1 gigabit per second!

Such benefits are essential to our lives today to not only allow for a smooth working experience from home but also to satisfy all other leisurely pass times. Apart from providing faster internet, fiber optics also allow for a more reliable broadband internet connection.

All of the above undoubtedly makes a fiber broadband connection the best option for all of your communication requirements as it allows for increased productivity with the most efficient high-speed broadband connection.

What is latency and how it affects your internet connection. One of the biggest impacts of the internet is in the field of education and learning. The lockdown in fact is a testament to the possibilities of online education made possible through a great broadband connection. Virtual schooling and learning are now the new normal. Kids these days learn online at a super-fast pace and in an engaging way.

Visual devices are generally more effective when it comes to learning. The access to video streaming services that broadband provides means a teacher can host a virtual classroom where each student is visible.

Concepts can be easily demonstrated through online videos that can be created by the teacher or curated from the internet.

While online testing centers are not uncommon, this format is now the new normal for schools conducting lessons virtually. Not everyone can learn at the same pace, In a traditional classroom, it is not possible to customize lessons as per the needs and abilities of the students.

Online education offers the freedom to customise lesson plans and focus on filling learning gaps. Online courses allow students facing certain challenges to participate in schooling without falling behind in a traditional classroom setting. Students who have disabilities or social anxiety might not find success in the traditional classroom, but they might excel in a virtual one.

Similarly, students falling behind in their grades can supplement their learning with virtual classes or learning apps.

All they require is a broadband connection and they can learn from the comfort of their home or anywhere where they are connected. Online Education is truly opening up new possibilities for kids. How optical fiber technology helps bring you fast internet.

Do your video calls sometimes get disconnected abruptly? Does a video start buffering while steaming content? That is due to a high latency rate. Latency affects your internet speed. Bandwidth is the amount of data that transmits over a connection in a leased amount of time. So let us get to know exactly what latency means and what we can do to address it. Network latency is the time it takes for data to travel between the source and destination. The lower the latency, the better it is.

The Unit to measure both Ping and Latency is milliseconds. While ping refers to the signal sent from the device to the server, latency is the time it takes for the ping to return to the device.

A high-speed broadband connection should ideally give you a ping rate of below 50 ms. The first thing you need to do to check whether you are getting a low ping rate; is to do an online internet speed test. There are many free websites where you can do that, for example www. While you can take certain measures to reduce latency, the biggest factor in determining your latency is the choice of your ISP and the technology they use to offer broadband services.

Hathway offers versatile packages that can suit your work and entertainment needs so you can get the kind of low latency you want. While in the past, internet and the systems supporting it have been notorious for contributing to global greenhouse gas emissions, Fiber optic broadband has changed things for the greener. Here are a few ways in which Fiber Optic broadband is better for the environment. The copper wires used in DSL or cable internet come from copper mining.

Copper mining produces toxins like Sulphur Dioxide which is detrimental to the environment as it leads to acid rain. Acid rain have a devastating effect on everything from vegetation to animals as well as posing serious health complications for humans.

On the other hand, fiber optic cables are made of glass. Silicon Dioxide, which creates glass, does not lead to the production of harmful chemicals and by-products, and has no harmful effects. Fiber Optic cables use up to 12 times less energy in data transmission using light than any other alternatives such as copper cables.

This is because very little electricity is required for fiber optic cables to function as opposed to coaxial cables requiring up to 3. More electricity means more heat produced. In order to avoid overheating and lower the temperatures, air conditioners are used. Using Fiber cables decreases the need for air conditioners, thereby reducing energy consumption once again.

Using FiberOptic cables reduces the dependence on heavy metals like lead and mercury making it an environment-friendly option. In case an up-gradation is required, no changing of cables is required, companies can simply upgrade the technology.

Fiber Optic cables are more resilient and require less repairs than copper cables therefore last for decades. Because it requiresless energy consumption, FiberOptic cables lower the emission of harmful greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

We at Hathway are equally concerned for the environment and hence upgraded our network for Fiber to home at most of the places.

Choosing the correct internet plan is one of the most important decisions as a gamer. High speed, fast downloads and a lack of latency are all key elements that should be there in your internet ser-vice. Luckily for you, all of this and so much more is jam-packed into a Fibernet internet connection.

Fibernet is basically an advanced fiber optic internet connection that brings you lightning fast speed among various other major perks so that you can play World of Warcraft with zero interruptions. Here is why all gamers should have a Fibernet connection for the perfect gaming experience-.

Everyone knows that one of the most annoying things that can happen is a lag or delay in gameplay, especially at crucial moments. This allows for a smooth game and increases the quality of your overall experience, ensuring the best gameplay possible.

This is probably the most important aspect of gaming because latency is truly the biggest downfall of any gamer looking to go pro. Fibernet does not have the same weaknesses of a copper based wire connection and instead allows for faster speed and a more durable connection. As a gamer, one of the most important requirements is a stable and reliable connection.

This is something that fiber optics aces in, allowing you to ace in GTA. In fact, even during weather extremes like we see everywhere in India , your fiber internet connection is completely secure from any interferences.

Even physically, the connection could only be disrupted if the wires were manually cut. So get ready for all-day and year-long, uninterrupted gaming. Pro-gaming without a high bandwidth means slow speed, lags, and an overall boring game. It is the speed that plays a critical role for shared usage which means that a higher speed will give better a browsing experience on the connected devices.

Moreover, this becomes especially important if you live in a big house-hold with one home internet service which several people use or even if you intend on connecting various devices to one connection. We live in a world dictated by our streaming platforms. We might wake up and watch something on Amazon Prime, eat lunch with a Hotstar special and finish the day by binging a new Netflix original.

For constant video streaming, a good broadband connection is absolutely crucial. This is a comprehensive explanation for what technical terms like OTT really mean and a few tips on maximizing your binging experience. OTT refers to over-the-top video content provided using high speed internet instead of traditional cable or satellite providers.

These being, original features as well as a large selection of titles to choose from. VoD is just a short form for Video on Demand and refers to the way most of us get our content now. Being an on demand service, it aims to provide all users quality content, usually educational or for entertainment, by using the internet. SVoD is basically any subscription video on demand.

Today, it seems like a given to have an entire season and even entire shows within the touch of a finger, but back in , it was a revelation. Thus, a SvoD is a transactional VoD because for a fixed monthly rate, you can access a platform.

Online payments have been the norm for a while now and this proves to be increasingly true day after day. Given this, here is a guide on how to make a Hathway payment as well as some other options such as upgrading your broadband plan or changing your account details. Fill in your details like either your registered mobile number, email or account number to login.

From here, you can easily pay all of your monthly Hathway bills, for your broadband connection and internet leased line.

You can also do the following things. After checking the renewal amount, select your preferred method of payment and proceed to pay. You will be redirected to the payment page from where you can complete your payment.

After perusing the plans best suited to your upgrade, click on the one you want and proceed to payment. Again, you will be redirected to the payment page from which you can complete the upgrade.

Sit back, relax and enjoy your new plan upgrades. After entering the new email id that you want, fill in the OTP sent to the new email. Enter your new number, fill in the OTP sent and re-login with your updated details.

Now that the basics are cleared up, you can sit back and easily pay your bill in two minutes from the comfort of your couch. You could even opt to pay from the Hathway broadband and digital TV app, available on Apple and Android.

Everyone is always looking for ways to make their online business grow and the grassroots level of this growth simply lies in your internet connection. What anyone is obviously looking for is increased internet speed, faster downloads, and a clear transmission that is free from external interferences.

With work-from-home, the necessity of a well functioning online business is even more important. While download speeds are more commonly talked about when listing the advantages of a broadband provider , upload speed is just as important, especially as a business. The lag time between when you press a command and when the action occurs is greatly reduced with a fiber connection.

This makes running a business from home more efficient and productive than ever before. Hacking into a fiber optic is virtually impossible and the only way to penetrate such a connection involves physically cutting the wires themselves which are also incredibly strong when bound together.

This means that your online business and your internet connection will be completely secure and safe. In fact, FTTH is one of the most sure ways to ensure that your company is completely protected against cyber crime. Most businesses need a high data transmission and this is much easier with fiber optics because it allows for a significantly higher internet bandwidth without compromising on your speed.

Activities like web conferencing and file sharing which are essential to an online business are much easier, faster, and smoother with FTTH. While other broadband connections are susceptible to interferences from weather conditions or even human activity, a fiber connection is completely reliable. To build a fast-paced and successful business, a stable and reliable broadband provider is a must. Now you can have all the benefits of an office wifi from your own home wireless broadband, so get ready for fast pacing your online business.

To get started with your own FTTH connection, check out plans for your fiber optic connection options. Remote learning has quickly become the standard for every student all over the world. Here are a few essentials for e-learning so we can find out if Fibernet is for you. Writing school papers means hours upon hours of heavy research that requires multiple tabs and lightning fast internet speed. Even switching from video classes to accessing school documents requires speed.

A Fibernet connection is known to be much faster than even the fastest copper wire connections and works up to one gigabyte per second. Need For A High Bandwidth – Online learning means having all classes through video which can be frustrating with lags and buffering. To prevent falling behind, you need to make sure that you have a high bandwidth. Reliable broadband is essential to the e-learning experience not only when it comes to being able to learn but also to be able to test properly.

With assessments and exams moving online, a reliable connection is one of the most important internet needs. One benefit of a Fibernet connection here is that it is completely free from external interferences. Access to the cloud for schools is becoming increasingly important as most academic files for students and teachers alike are stored in this space. Now why is accessing this easier with a fiber optic internet plan? Therefore, because fiber optics allow for faster speed and high bandwidth, it makes accessing the cloud easy.

Securing your home internet through a reliable wifi provider is as essential as securing wifi at work. Did you know that an unsecured wifi connection can provide access to al-most all the devices that use that wifi? In such circumstances, it is best to enable wifi broadband security. Here are a few simple steps for a secure wifi internet connection:. Choosing a type of encryption is the foremost step while setting up a wifi internet connection.

WEP is an outdated wireless encryption standard that can be hacked within seconds whereas WPA is a comparatively newer version of wireless encryption standard and more secure than WEP. WPA2 is the current and most reliable wireless encryption standard which is compatible with all wireless networks.

To get a secure wifi internet connection, changing the name of your home wifi network, also known as Service Set Identifier SSID , is essential. Having a name to your connection makes it difficult for hackers to see the type of router you are using.

Your SSID broadcast is enabled by default, but you can disable it. Disabling SSID broadcasting is one way of securing your network.

MAC filtering enables you to provide access to your wifi to certain selected people. Though it is a tiresome process, it will help make sure that unauthorized persons and hackers cannot use your wifi connection. It is essential to disable the default administrative access to ensure a secure broadband connection. Disabling it will ensure that no one from outside your network can manage your router. It is imperative to change the default password to a strong and unique one that only you would know.

Ideally, a strong password should consist of characters with upper and lower case, numbers, and symbols. This is one of the most important and basic steps for ensuring a secure wifi internet connection.

Moreover, if you have an unlimited wifi plan from one of the best wifi providers, chances are that hackers are going to try harder to access your connection. A rogue access point is installed on a secure network without authorization from the system administrator. Rogue access points can pose a significant security threat as they can permit access of the network to anyone.

Calling guests over to your place? You must enable ‘guest wifi’. This wifi broadband is different from your primary network and provides internet access to guests but maintains your broadband internet security. A hidden network will never broadcast its SSID. By hiding your wifi network name, you can prevent hackers from connecting to your network, thus ensuring a secure wifi connection. Firewalls are equipped with preventive features that can help in securing your wifi network, protecting it from hacking.

It is advisable to never disable the firewall to keep your home wifi connection safe. If you are a gamer, opt for the best broadband plan in Chennai.


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Mere months ago, Zoom was just ym humble video conferencing software beloved by the odd remote working team. To keep things going, to stay connected with our friends, family, colleagues and clients, we have joined the legions of people turning to video calls during the pandemic.

And that something is human connection. Gianpiero Petriglieri, an associate professor at Insead who explores sustainable why is my zoom connection always unstable – none: and development in the workplace, says that being on a mu call requires unstahle focus than mh face-to-face chat. We need to work harder clnnection process non-verbal cues like facial expressions, the tone and pitch of the voice, and why is my zoom connection always unstable – none: language.

And working harder to process those cues is tiring. Having constantly to bridge this gap ourselves on video calls leaves all participants less focused and more exhausted. Usually, face-to-face meetings provide connetion space for deep and meaningful conversations. A study from found that, on phone or conferencing systems, delays of as little as 1. We pride ourselves on our friendly, open demeanour with our clients and we cherish the relationships we have built with each of them. Our why is my zoom connection always unstable – none: planning meetings provide the opportunity to think about the next 12 months without distraction and work out what you as a client want to do and achieve.

In person, meetings of unstabld length fly by and you come away with a sense of achievement and satisfaction. On Zoom, they can feel like an eternity spent squinting at yourself in жмите small box on the screen. Compressing a two to three hour нажмите чтобы перейти into a Zoom-appropriate one hour slot means missing out on that detail, those tangents, and that all-important human connection по этой ссылке informs the best conndction.

It has allowed life to go on as посетить страницу to normal as is humanly possible during a very strange moment in time. It truly is. But in a world that is increasingly tech-heavy, and increasingly online, the value of authentic human connection is more apparent than ever. But rest assured, it will never — it can never — replace sitting in the same room together and putting the world to rights over a coffee.

Unstable Connection: how Zoom impacts client meetings. Zoom fatigue Gianpiero Petriglieri, an associate professor at Insead who explores sustainable learning and development in the workplace, says that being on a video call requires more focus than a face-to-face chat. Are you there? The connection is bad A study from как сообщается здесь that, on phone or conferencing systems, delays of as little as вот ссылка.