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Zoom set up in to provide sound gear and effect processors to the music industry. The company offers a range of sound mixing desks with recording facilities and a number of recording units. Until recently, I had used a mini disk recorder for background sound and sound bites for use with my films and video. My MDR disappeared in my son’s direction, never to be seen again, so I was in the market for a new recording device.

On researching the market I came across the Zoom H2 Handy Recordera solid state recorder with a lot to offer. The Zoom H2 is a little larger than a packet of cigarettes and looks like an old broadcast microphone.

This compact device перейти на страницу four electret microphones in the wire covered cage at the top. These are set up as two stereo pairs one facing the front and the other facing the rear of the unit. Zook front pair have a 90 0 angle between them and the rear pair are angled at 0. The layout allows for recoredr solo or small group recording or a wider band recording to be made. The microphones are normally used as stereo pairs but can be combined to record a four channel sound field that can be converted, in a computer, to Dolby 5.

The recordings are made on to standard SD cards that slide into a holder in the bottom of the H2. The H2 will accept cards up to 8Gb memory size and these are formatted by the Zoom h2 handy recorder review prior zoom h2 handy recorder review use. Formatting provides one folder for 4 channel recording, 10 folders for stereo recordings and a SYS folder to hold user set parameters.

The SD card can be read by a computer and the recordings easily downloaded. The Zoom H2 will record in either. So what about the sound? Opportunities to record great musical works without being arrested are rare.

There is a superb recording of choir and organ on one forum which is mind blowing in its clarity. My own experience with electronic keyboard Yamaha EL organ is that there is no degradation of sound between the original and playback, using the same speaker and amplifier system.

Live recordings are clear and accurate. The Zoom H2 has no speakers so all the output must be through headphones or a Hi-Fi system. The data format levels exceed those on a CD so more information is available for playback. The flexibility of the H2 is enhanced with an external microphone input, this can accept powered microphones or, with a phantom power supplied by the H2normal dynamic mics.

I was not happy with using powered microphones as the input level seemed very low, I had better luck with using phantom power and a particularly useful combination was the H2 connected to revifw lapel lavalier microphone.

Both internal and external microphones feed through a amplifier and the Gain switch zoom h2 handy recorder review the side gives High, Medium and Low settings. High creates a lot of hiss so the Medium setting is the most useful. There is a variable electronic “volume” control but zoom h2 handy recorder review works on the digital recorded signal and has no effect on the analogue input signal.

Below the Gain switch is a Line input. All take a 3. The rest of the world is entertained through a Line Out socket controlled by a volume toggle switch.

This will zoom h2 handy recorder review both Headphones or an input to an amplifier. Power is also supplied from two AA batteries and rechargeables can be used, but an external charger is required. Zoom h2 handy recorder review main controls are buttons located on the front of the unit underneath a small LCD screen.

The settings are controlled through a reviea menu system but are then stored on the SD card. The first row of buttons selects the microphone pair to be recroder. Recording is as easy a two presses on recordwr Record button. Every recording sets up a new file in the selected Folder.

This can be a nuisance because it is not possible to “pause” a recording and restart where the old one left off. The two files need to be added together in post production. The whole process can be monitored through headphones. Menu selection gives a mass of extras, a low cut filter, two levels of Gain Control, three levels of Compression and three distortion limiters. An auto recording mode can be set to start recording when the sound exceeds a set level and stop again when all goes quiet, can you record zoom meeting on “pre-record” samples the sound and continually stores zoom h2 handy recorder review seconds of sound to be added to recordeg start of hanyd recording so you don’t miss an unexpected start.

Two unusual extras are a programmable Metronome, this will give zoom h2 handy recorder review count in and keep the beat, and a Tuner. The Tuner samples the sound, selects the nearest note and gives a degree of Sharpness or Flatness. In this mode, the SD card is directly available to the computer as a file system and can be downloaded or recorded to from the computers own music files. I prefer to remove the SD card from the H2 and use the computer’s own card reader.

The second use of the USB connection is to turn the H2 into a microphone. This can be used for voiceovers or podcasts and gives a high quality input. So a lot zoom h2 handy recorder review packed into a small box. I would position zoom h2 handy recorder review Zoom H2 as being between an Olympus zoom h2 handy recorder review recorder and a small recording mixing deck like a Tascam.

Sound quality is excellentversatility less so. It provides a handyportable recorder that could be used equally for an interview or a concert, a sound effect or a voiceover. It can rceorder be used as an Ipod with CDs or other music sources downloaded in. There are downsides. Any handling of the unit recorxer recording, including pressing the record button, will be picked up by the internal взято отсюда, the Mic Clip adapter, which is like a small handle, reduces this.

The LCD screen is very small and carries a lot of information so can be difficult to read, there is a backlight which helps but with an increase in battery drain. The H2 is power ahndy so a spare set of batteries is essential. Follow us on!! Help us make GadgetSpeak the place to come for free and impartial reviews of the latest gadgets! Remember me! Not a member? Click here revirw free membership!

Click here if you’ve forgotten your password. Reviews by category MP3 players Voice zoom h2 handy recorder review. Published Dec 4, Author Terfyn. Review controls Readers comments Print this review link to this zoom h2 handy recorder review. Zoom H2 Handy Recorder – A “musthave” for the chattering classes? Buy Now See also: Voice recorders. Search Gadget Speak reviews :. Hady by related category MP3 players Voice recorders.

What our readers said! Series of unfortunate events or My H2 is dead after 2 days I’ve purchased my piece over amazon. The day I received it I started testing it. Mistake 2: Menu is zoom h2 handy recorder review sucked. I made recordings in different types, wav and mp3, 2 channeled and 4 channeled then plug it into a computer but my computer didn’t recognize the H2. I went through manual again and again but no use. Wavs were fine, but mp3’s did not work.

Probably codec problem. Must be H2 own codec because I have db converter, K-Lite and Color 7 music editor, 4media converter installed on my pc. Last and the greatest is I plug it into ac.

I used the adapter comes recordder the machine. Since it drains batteries so quickly I ran out of batteries then though to use ac instead. I plugged my H2 into AC then it died. I doesn’t work any more. I used different batteries. I don’t think it is a software problem.

If so there is no little reset button. I feel stupid and nothing but regret I’m filled with. Can’t comment on the Tascam but the Zoom H4n may be worth a look. The four channel facility on the H2 is for surround sound. The H2 has four mics, two at 90 deg at the Front and two at deg at the Rear, it is primarily designed for surround sound. If you download the Operation Manual from the Zoom site. Band Practice I believe that you need to consider what you want from the recording you make.

The H2 will give as good a quality as a CD but will suffer from the zoom h2 handy recorder review that you can’t revie for the different volumes from each instrument. It will hear a mix of the sounds at its location. You will need to output from the Zoom into a decent Amp and Speakers to hear the best effect. Four inputs feed directly to four recording tracks and allow me to balance the individual inputs during mix down.


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I noticed how he was using a Zoom H2 to record vocals and since I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of these recordings, I asked him how he liked this little device….

As a musical hobbiest and home recordist, I had been looking for a portable, easy-to-use, high-quality recorder for quite a while. Then, in September , Zoom released their H2 Handy Recorder, and all of my personal portable recording needs were answered. The Zoom H2 is a compact digital recorder with 4 built-in microphones. The internal mics are excellent. As soon as I started using the H2 for recording vocals, I received compliments on the improved sound quality compared to my previous songs.

The 4 microphones are arranged with 2 facing front and 2 facing back. The front mics are fixed in a 90 degree directivity angle, and the back mics are fixed at degrees. You can record either front, back, or both at the same time.

If recording with both front and back, you can either record to stereo, or have it record seperate stereo tracks for both front and back at the same time so that you have a degree recording. It records directly to an SD card. Fortunately, it comes with a desk stand adapter and a microphone stand adapter, both of which screw into the bottom of the unit. In fact, you can screw the unit onto any standard camera tripod, if you desire. The H2 comes with many features that I never use.

It has a built-in metronome and tuner. It can be used as a microphone for your computer through the USB port. It has compressor and limiter settings. It comes with a windscreen. The MP3 encoder is reportedly not the best, and may introduce some annoying noises. But frankly, none of those issues have ever affected me personally.

When using the internal mics, the H2 is very sensitive to handling noise. More information: Zoom H2. Disclosure: Some of the links on this page are affiliate links. Clicking these and making a purchase will directly support Rekkerd. Press ESC to close. I noticed how he was using a Zoom H2 to record vocals and since I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of these recordings, I asked him how he liked this little device… Zoom H2 Handy Recorder — my impressions by Echo Voodoo As a musical hobbiest and home recordist, I had been looking for a portable, easy-to-use, high-quality recorder for quite a while.

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› reviews › zoom-h-review. The Zoom H2 Handy Recorder is well built. The recorded sound is crystal clear. It has a built-in instrument tuner and metronome.