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Build targeted email campaigns from within Engage for all contacts sourced from the ZoomInfo platform. Manage and replace unsubscribes from your campaigns with net-new leads. Easily source additional company contacts for customer nurture campaigns.

As as an Administrator, the Engage Admin Settings allow you to:. Add and remove Engage licences from different team members. Set and manage default contact statuses for all records added into Engage. As a Sales Professional, Engage Analytics allows you to:. Identify the best time of day to engage with prospects via phone and email. Prioritize contacts actively viewing your content to improve connection rates. Compare and contrast response rates of prospecting emails to create templates for future engagement.

As a Marketing Professional, Engage Analytics allows you to:. Track and manage effectiveness of email campaigns. Improve lead qualification and conversions by prioritizing those with higher engagement scores. As an Administrator, Engage Analytics allows you to:. Monitor prospecting activities across your team to gauge productivity levels. Monitory call, email, deliverability, and conversion rates over time to track improvements.

Identify holes in your prospecting process and areas your team should be focussing more time. Upload target prospect lists into Engage with a single-click. Add contacts directly into Salesflows for immediate engagement. Track and manage prospecting activities to CRM without manual data-uploads. Customize field mapping for account, contact, and lead records. Set upload limits for reps to control lead flow into your CRM.

Track and manage upload activity across your team. As a Sales Professional, the Import Contacts feature allows you to:. Import lists from Salesforce, ZoomInfo, or an existing csv. Upload lists of target prospects for call and email activities. Add leads right to a Salesflow when importing. Tag your Contact Lists when importing for easy filtering and sorting later. As a Marketing Professional, the Import Contacts feature allows you to:.

Import Lists and add to Salesflow campaigns in one step. Easily import the lists you already have in Salesforce or ZoomInfo. Combine lists using the tagging feature for easy sorting and tracking. As a Recruiter, the Import Contacts feature allows you to:. Build candidate lists inside of ZoomInfo and then easily Import that curated list to Engage for outreach. Import existing lists and tag them by category or specialization so that you can easily source and combine lists of candidates for each requisition.

As an Administrator, the Import Contacts feature allows you to:. Import a list from ZoomInfo and add to a Saleslow or assign to team members.

Import a list from Salesforece and add to a Salesflows or assign to team memb. Manage all contacts engaged with via Chrome Extension or ZoomInfo data connector. Leverage Engage Mode to efficiently dial or email through any contact list. As an Administrator, the Engage Contacts Page allows you to:. Sort and manage all your users contacts within Engage.

Build and assign task lists to different team members. Export prospects to a. CSV file. As a Sales professional, Salesflows allow you to:. Customize and automate multi-touch prospecting campaigns. Integrate directly with Gmail or Outlook to send directly from your inbox. Send up to personalized emails per day. Utilize email tracking for open, reply, and click through rates.

As a Sales Professional, Tasks allows you to:. Stay accountable for the different touch-points of your prospecting process. Set priority levels for action items that are the most time-sensitive. Work collaboratively with other member of your sales team. As an Administrator, Tasks allow you to:. Assign call and email actions to different reps within your organization. Monitor follow-up activities for continued engagement across your teams target accounts. Send pre-built, personalized messages to prospects individually or in bulk.

Time your follow-up around when prospects are engaging with your content. Specify specific delivery time for your emails to increase open rates. Set follow-up Tasks to any sent email for continued engagement. Create custom messaging for your team to send to their prospects. Track and manage the email prospecting activities of your team.

Monitor email open, reply, click-through rates, and more. Call, email, and add contacts to Salesflows from your Salesforce or ZoomInfo lists. View contact lists, email, dial, and engagement analytics. As a Sales Professional, Engage allows you to:. Eliminate time spent researching and uploading contacts into internal systems.

Increase engagement activities with customized emails and auto-dial functionality. Increase call volume with integrated dialer and pre-recorded voicemails. As a Marketing Professional, Engage allows you to:. Send targeted email campaigns to records identified within the ZoomInfo platform. Load contact lists from outside databases for follow-up and nurture campaigns. As an Administrator, Engage allows you to:. Monitor prospecting activities across your sales team in a central environment.

Customize email and upload limits by user to align with company processes. Build and assign contact lists to reps for call and email activities. Report on each member of their teams usage i. Build out custom call lists for peak engagement hours. Create lists by territory, account segmentation, or custom tags within the Contacts tab. Leverage pre-recorded voicemails and the auto-dialer to increase call volume.

Create and assign call lists to individual sales reps. Create follow-up Tasks for continued engagement. Leverage Local-presence numbers to increase connection rates. Group and target prospects by territory or audience segment. Specify email delivery time for optimal open rates.

Re-engage points of contacts at accounts with low activity. Set follow-up tasks for continued engagement. Create contact lists for targeted lead generation and nurturing campaigns. Upload and engage with lists of contacts sourced through events or webinars. As a Sales Professional, Salesflows allow you to:. Streamline your engagement activities with pre-built emails and call tasks. Monitor which prospects are engaging with your content and prioritize your follow-up.

Track and manage all prospecting activities in one place to limit manual data entry. As an Administrator, Salesflows allow you to:. Standardize processes and messaging and share pre-built Salesflows with your team.

Capture your teams engagement analytics on dials, emails, replies, voicemails, etc. Add contacts on behalf of other team members. As a Sales Professional, Salesflows Filtering allows you to:.


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We are actively investigating issues on the ZoomInfo Engage platform, including issues loading and adding contacts to Salesflows. Our Engineering team is actively investigating and working to how to turn on zoom in outlook as soon as possible.

Official incident page. Never miss when your cloud services are down. Instant notifications in Slack, Email and Discord when there are outages. Monitor only the components that matter.

Monitor and manage everything from one place. There zoominfo engage platform – none: be no more frantic searching for the source of the problem. All of your zoominfo engage platform – none: statuses in one location.

In one place, you can check the status of zoominfo engage platform – none: your services. No more going to each of the status pages and managing them individually. We monitor 24 hours a day, 7 days a zooinfo and will notify you if there is an incident.

No more wasting time trying to figure out why something isn’t working. You can easily get notifications in your email, Slack, or Discord. Keep track of scheduled maintenance. Never again be caught off guard by unexpected maintenance from your services. A feed zoominfo engage platform – none: the next scheduled maintenances is available.

Set the notification level for each service. Configure which notifications you want to receive from each service. You can choose to receive notifications for all incidents, only critical incidents, or just display them on the dashboard. Using Zapier or Webhooks, you can easily integrate notifications into your processes.

Every Monday, you’ll receive a weekly summary of what happened the previous week as well as the maintenance schedule for the following week. Create one profile for each of your teams.

One Dashboard and specific Notifications rules for each team. Only receive notifications for specific components. Filter notifications by service components. You can opt to receive notifications only when a specific component is affected.

Add another dimension external zoominfo engage platform – none: to your monitoring data and complement it with the external factors. Monitor the services your company relies for the development experience.

Know before your zoominfo engage platform – none: pltaform you. Anticipate possible issues and make the necessary arrangements. Understand if the your business is being impacted by external services.

One of your competitors is down? Maybe a good time to spread the word about your service. Start monitoring all your essential services. Enfage with a trial account that will allow you to try and monitor up to 30 services for 14 days. There are services to choose from, and we’re adding more every week.

You can get notifications нажмите для деталей email, Slack, and Discord. You can also use Zapier or Webhooks to build your workflows. Increase the productivity and efficiency of your engxge.

When you enable monitoring for your services, you will receive продолжить чтение alerts and messages when your services are unavailable. Engage Engxge Issues Resolved Minor.

Never miss when ZoomInfo is down! Increase your IT team’s visibility. AWS recovered from problems. Zapier is having major problems. Cloudflare is having major problems. Google Cloud recovered from problems. Your team on top of the problems There will be no more frantic searching for the source of the problem. For every team in your company. Get Started Free. Start monitoring all your essential services Step 1 Create an account Start with a trial account that will allow you to try and monitor up to 30 services for 14 days.

Step 2 Select your services There are services to choose from, and we’re adding more every week. Step 3 Set up notifications You can get notifications by email, Slack, and Discord.

ZoomInfo seems to be up and running. We’ve updated the status less than a minute ago. I’m having issues with ZoomInfo, but the status is OK. What’s going on? There are a few things на этой странице can try: Check the official status page for more information. How can I be notified when ZoomInfo is having issues? You can subscribe for updates on the official status page or create an zkominfo in IsDown.

We will send you a notification in real-time when ZoomInfo has issues. Why use IsDown? We want to keep you updated on the status of the services that impact your company. You can setup a notification via zoominfo engage platform – none:, Slack, or Discord when a service you monitor has issues or when maintenances are scheduled. What happens when I create an account? You’ll have access to a day trial in our Pro plan. You can cancel or delete your account anytime.

After 14 days, you’ll need zoominfo engage platform – none: subscribe to continue to use the service and get notifications.

How can I pay for a subscription? You can go to the Billing section in your account, and choose one of the plan. We’ve monthly zoominfoo yearly options. We accept all major zoominfo engage platform – none: cards, Apple Pay, and Google Play.

We use Stripe for payments. Can I get a refund? We’ll refund your subscription if you cancel it until engxge days after the subscription has started. No questions asked. We are missing some important service? Contact usand we’ll add it ASAP. Are you ready to begin monitoring your services? Start today for FREE.


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Cold Calling Zoominfo Effective Effectiveness This is phenomenal for us because we realize not every company and industry has been this fortunate. To avoid monotony and disconnect, making your zoominfk outreach data-driven puts more focus on customization and personalization.